Falling River Country Club Quarterly News Letter


We would like to welcome all of our new members. We appreciate you choosing Falling River and look forward to seeing you enjoying your facilities and serving your needs.

Pro’s Corner

It has been a wild winter with mild temperatures for the most part with the occasional cold snap which has been much better than last year when it felt like winter drug on for entirely too long. We have been working hard this winter completing small, cost effective upgrades to all facilities. In the golf shop we have added new displays and several new lines of apparel. On the course we have added in several new tee boxes and expanded others. All of these improvements are sure to be welcomed and enjoyed. 

We Need Your Email!

Falling River Country Club will begin using email to send out newsletters, updates to calendars, cards, and reminders via email. This will allow us to send more frequent and more informative email blast to our membership. Many of you have sent us your emails and as email accounts change we are stuck with old ones and are unable to inform you the way we would like. Please even if you have already sent us your email please do so again at frccpro@jetbroadband.com I feel that you will like the new format of emails as you start receiving and the club will be able to save a little as well.

Upcoming Events

The 2017 FRCC Tournament Schedule is complete. This is a tentative schedule as we will be continuing to add some other events through the year. The first event of the year is the annual Icebreaker on March 25th at 12:00PM. This will be a four person Captain’s Choice. We look forward to seeing you there.


Like us on Facebook…..Yes, we are on Facebook and are updating and posting almost daily while in season. This is another way we are trying to communicate with you and keep you posted on upcoming events and happenings at the club.


FRCC will be hosting another draw down raffle on March 25th. Tickets are available for $100.00 each and include two steak dinners and your beer and wine. Tickets can be purchased from Faber in the golf shop or by contacting any board member of FRCC. Proceeds from this drawing will go towards completing two fairways this summer. We thank you in advance for your support.


This winter the Board of directors approved a two dollar a month dues increase effective in April. The board also approved a one dollar increase on cart fees. The expenses here at the club have been cut to a bare minimum but some expenses continue to go up every year.


As has been said in the past there will be changes to the website. We will now be able to keep the website updated more often with new events, changes, and relative news. Along with the updated emails we will be using this tool much more often as a way to be able to reach out to you.

New Maintenance Facility

Falling River’s maintenance facility is in dire need of an upgrade. The original milking parlor we have used for years has become too small and in some cases dangerous to work out of. Please feel free to stop by and look at the conditions our crew works out of. We are proposing building a new facility in the triangle between 10, 11, and the driving range. This new maintenance building will allow us to store all equipment and fertilizers/chemicals in a safe and controlled environment. We are currently taking donations for the building in the golf shop and for every $500.00 donated we will be offering stock in FRCC. Please feel free to share any ideas you may have on making the construction of this building as cost effective as possible. All ideas are welcome and we look forward to hearing from you.

Superintendents Corner

Over the last few months, the maintenance crew has been busy working on irrigation for the new tee boxes and well as tree pruning and equipment maintenance. The weather this winter has been quite unusual and spring had seemed to start early. Grass started to green up, we began mowing and rolling greens and tending to other seasonal duties. Then, the weather snapped again. We received some much needed rain on March 13th but followed by temperatures in the teens will surely slow things back down once again.

Greens aeration was planned for March 14th but we have moved the process to the 21st due to weather issues. We are aerating differently this spring using a special machine called Air2G2. If you follow the maintenance Facebook page you are already familiar with this. It is much less disruptive and our greens will heal much quicker. New tee boxes on holes 2, 3, 6, 11, 14, and 16 will hopefully be sodded by mid-late April and be opened for play mid-late May. Again, the timeline is dependent on weather. One last note, we are in dire need of a new maintenance facility. There is a donation box in the pro shop and we would greatly appreciate any donations or pledges at this time.


Chip Bass, GCSAA


Falling River Country Club